In this volume: Wolfson, Pembroke, Christ Church, St Cross, Queen’s, St John’s.

Standing in the Divinity School | Photograph by Ahmad el-Naggar (MBA)

You can find everything you need to make your postgrad application to Oxford on the University website, from entry requirements to deadlines and documents, but a great postgrad application might start well before you’re ready to submit — even before you choose where you want to apply.

Dr Matt Williams…

“With the collegiate system in place, graduate student life works a bit differently at Oxford than it does at a lot of other universities.

I like to think of the graduate student experience as being divided into three overlapping pieces.

First, there’s your department.

Your department is the hub of your academic life. It’s…

In this volume: Magdalen, Green Templeton, Lincoln, St Anne’s, St Hugh’s and Wadham

From ‘Cool Your Jets’

Oxford has about 6,800 research students (and counting), each working hard on their own individual contribution to their field.

We talked to some of our DPhil (PhD) students about their research to give you just a taste of what’s possible across the University.

(Is a DPhil the same thing as…

Coding | Photograph by Favour Mandanji Nyikosa (DPhil Engineering Science)

Where do I start?

The very first thing you’re going to be doing is a whole lot of independent research (apt).

Hopefully you’ve already read a few articles in your research area — try looking up the authors to see which departments they’re in. …

Brand new ‘Dr’s waiting to graduate | Photograph by Phil Brooks, Graduate Admissions

What does ‘DPhil’ mean?

‘DPhil’ and ‘PhD’ are both short for exactly the same thing, which is ‘Doctor of Philosophy’. You might see ‘PhD’ used at Oxford as well.

Why does Oxford use a different word for the same thing?

We actually settled on ‘DPhil’ back when it was brand new and first introduced in the UK (at Oxford, 100 years ago) to make it…

Researching in the Weston Library | Photograph by Elizabeth Nyikos (DPhil Music)

Drafting your first research proposal can be intimidating if you’ve never written (or seen) one before. Our grad students and admissions staff have some advice on making a start.

First off: do you even need one?

For some research courses in sciences you’ll join an existing research group so you don’t need to write a full research…

In the quad at Linacre College, one of the University’s colleges for graduate students only | Photograph by Ashley Tsai, MSc by Research in Chemical Biology

Being part of a college is a special, nearly unique aspect of Oxford’s student experience. There are 45 colleges around the city and one of the most common questions we’re asked about them is how to choose.

You don’t have to choose a college, and about a third of grad…

Not sure if Oxford’s graduate access programmes are right for you? Explore blogs, vlogs and interviews direct from our 2019 students.

Graduate Study at Oxford

A perspective on masters’, DPhil (PhD) and other graduate courses from Graduate Admissions at the University of Oxford

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